Why Baby Locks?

  • In the kitchen and the bathroom, you undoubtedly have hazardous chemicals. Wandering and curious infants can easily open cabinets which contain the harmful substances. Baby safety locks can help you lock the drawers so that you control access.
  • Sharp knives found in your kitchen drawers also have the potential to inflict injury on your little ones. Baby safety locks allow you to maintain control here too.
  • Of course, even the living room or bedroom cabinets and drawers may house potentially harmful items. You know our prescription!   
  • Infants learning to manipulate the world around them can clumsily close drawers and cabinets, which can jam their fingers. Following the advice above would prevent this from occurring as well.
  • They make perfect gifts for any occasion. Baby showers, gender reveals, or your first meeting with the newborn are all opportune moments to gift safety locks.  
  • Baby safety locks can and have helped prevent dexterous pets from gaining access into cabinets! Whether you want to keep your furry friend away from hazardous chemicals or exorbitant number of treats, baby locks can be the solution.  

Why Eco Baby Safety Locks?

Of course, we are a family owned business which values you, but we let the product speak for itself. Our baby locks are:

  • Magnetic. That means no drilling and the resulting damage to your house. It also means easy installation.
  • Strong. After proper installation, no baby is opening those cabinets or drawers. We’ve even heard our adult customers were unable to open their drawers after forgetting the locks were on.  Our magnets work up to 2 inches through thick wood, which is greater than our leading competitors’ locks.
  •  Durable. The locks will withstand your little ones’ undying efforts to open them.

If you have any issues, our customer service will assist you and accommodate your needs. You are provided with a risk free 30-day money back guarantee by Amazon in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with our product.  

One thought on “Why Baby Locks?

  1. Kathy says:

    We love these locks! We have them in our kitchen and will soon order more for the small kitchen area to be added in our basement. Thank you for a great product that is easy to install and works well!

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